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About Me

When you hire me to work for you, whether to sell your home or to buy a home, you can be confident that you have someone working for you who has your best interests in mind and is always on your side. I have spent years crafting my approach to the listing & marketing process and believe that no matter the size of your home it’s my responsibility to ensure it’s presented beautifully. Working with Buyers I take great pride in helping them to find their next home, starting first by listening to what they are looking for & second by ensuring they are led through the steps of the buying process effectively…bonus is having fun shopping for houses! Read more

News & Blog

How to Make Your House Smell Great for Showings
Give your prospective buyers extra incentive to purchase your house by making it smell like a home they can see themselves in. Smell is one…
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Creative Ways to Hide “Blemishes” in your Home
What makes a house a home? It’s a hard question to answer, but a large part of it is the years of memories you’ve made…
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Spotting Foundation Issues When Buying a Home
Buying a home is both exciting and stressful. Consider these tips about how to spot potential issues when viewing homes with your real estate agent.
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